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Technical service safe, certified, professional and personalized

For this reason, we put at your service a staff of multidisciplinary professionals and technicians, officially certified in training and training from the factory by each of the manufacturers we represent. In addition to having officially certified calibration instruments. Experts with recognized and extensive experience in preventive and corrective maintenance of biomedical equipment, will provide advice and technical support to contribute to the proper functioning, maintenance and reliability of their equipment.

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Web solutions

The e-bioservices is a web platform with friendly graphical interfaces, allows to program and valorize the activities of our staff, register the information of sold equipment, generate the history and assign the tasks based on the competences. In this way we monitor the products delivered and services performed ensuring accurate diagnosis and durable solutions. It also allows us to manage the times of our scheduled activities to increase their efficiency.

  • Registration of the client within the system.
  • Online programming of the services requested.
  • Online verification of the history of the services and validity of the guarantees.
  • Quotation of the service and spare parts required.
  • Agile, fast and simple platform.

We are the only company nationwide that has a test bank for important sterilization equipment, in which we can perform quality control tests on our entire line of equipment, before being sent to customers.


The Division of Biomedical Equipment and Laboratory (DEMLA) puts at your service a staff of multidisciplinary professionals and technicians trained and officially certified by each of our manufacturers.

We also handle certified calibration instruments. We have a long list of biomedical equipment delivered around all of Peru, so our staff of recognized experts with extensive experience ensure the correct functioning, maintenance and reliability of them.

We offer:

  • Preventive and corrective maintenance.
  • Constant training in the use and maintenance of our equipment.
  • Complete supplies of spare parts and original accessories.
  • Technical Service Software EBioservices for the registration, control and monitoring of activities.


In our Sterilization and Disinfection Division (DEED) it is our responsibility to guarantee the proper functioning of the sterilization and disinfection center equipment to avoid inconveniences in such an important area in the hospital process.

We offer:

  • Design, pre-installation and installation of equipment.
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance.
  • We have highly trained specialists and technicians to diagnose and solve all types of situations.
  • Complete stock of original spare parts.
  • We carry out constant training to the technical staff of the various institutions.
  • Technical Service Software EBioservices for the registration, control and monitoring of activities.
  • Test bank for imported sterilization equipment.


A leading brand deserves the best service in the sector, professional and with the highest quality standards in all its processes, this is why the Olympus after-sales service is constantly qualified by the factory to maintain the service levels what your customers need.

We offer:

  • Backup from the Olympus manufacturer.
  • We have Engineers and Technicians duly trained and trained to provide technical assistance to the teams in general. Spare parts, supplies and original accessories.
  • Availability of equipment as loan (Loaner).
  • We offer training workshops on the use, operation and manual reprocessing of endoscopes.
  • Technical diagnosis and repairs according to ISO 9001 quality standards.
  • Technical Service Software EBioservices for the registration, control and monitoring of activities.
  • Visits of Semiannual Preventive Maintenance, based on programs according to the factory manual.


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